Alaska Trip - 2010

Every few years the bug strikes, and we just have to go back to "our spot" in Alaska. We originaly went there to take photographs many years ago, and we still go there to do that - but also to enjoy the special wilderness environment - both the land and its inhabitants.

We head for the little almost-abandoned ghost town of Hyder in Alaska. This is just over the border from the western edge of Canada and the most practical way to get there is to take a plane to the closest town in Canada with airline service, then rent a car and drive.

Where we are going is in the Tongass Forest, 26,000 square miles (68,000 sq km - about the size of The Netherlands and Belgium combined) spread over snow-capped mountains and fjords - most of it inaccessible except by sea-plane or helicopter, with just a few roads.

So we fly first to Vancouver and change planes there for the little town of Smithers in central British Columbia. After staying the night, we set out in our rent-a-car to drive to the town of Stewart (population 496) about five hours drive north-west and just inside Canada still. That is where we have booked a motel. From there is then another 5 miles to the border and our ultimate photo destination - the ghost-town of Hyder, and near to it Fish Creek where the bears hang out.


The intrepid photographer ventures into the
wilderness with camera and tripod.
The photographs from this trip have been arranged into five albums. Select which one to view by clicking on any one of the buttons below.
Bears in Creek   The Bears of Fish Creek
Lagoon Life   Varied bird life in and around a lagoon
Helicopter   A flight into the mountains and onto the ice-field
Native Fishing   Salmon fishing by traditional native methods
Other Pics.   Pictures that don't fit into any of the other albums