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In and Around The Lagoon - An Avian Soap Opera

Soon after Fish Creek crosses under the bridge on the main road, it is joined by a smaller tributary stream off which lies a lagoon. In contrast to the clear and swift-flowing waters of the stream, the water in the lagoon is placid and colored a milky blue by fine particles of rock that were ground out of the granite mountain face by the glacier whose melt waters feed the streams.

The patient observer watching this lagoon and its surroundings, will witness an ongoing soap opera as different actors play their parts. While waiting for the Bears to put on the main show, this lagoon provides hours of entertainment for the waiting photographer. Each bird plays its assigned role in a formal play - an ongoing saga from one day to the next.


2880 The lagoon itself - stage on which the actors play their parts.



4489 Main Characters - The Bald Eagle - avian king of the lagoon, maintains his aura by maintaining a scarce appearance schedule. He is rarely seen in the lagoon.



3474 Main Characters - The Juvenile Eagle - Prince and Pretender to the Throne. When gracing the lagoon with his presence, he likes to sit on the favorite log-end poking out of the water, and survey his future kingdom.



3483 Main Characters - The Raven - Court Jester, Trickster, and sneak thief.



3609 Main Characters - The Blue Heron, aspirant to high society. Likes to sit on the same log as where the Eagle prince sits but is occasionaly challenged for dominance by other herons who also aspire to high society.



4063 Main Characters - The commoner - the sea gull. Just keeps himself to himself and concentrates on the more important things in life, like ensuring he is sufficiently fed. The majority of dead salmon are in the main creek, so that's where he spends most of his time.



3579 Main Characters - The Absent Landlord - The bears also usualy stay in the fast-flowing waters of the main creek where the salmon are. But occasionaly, a bear needs dessert to round off a good meal. And one of the favorites is the red berries that grow by the sides of the creek and around the lagoon.

So sometimes a bear will wander into the lagoon - either on his way to somewhere else, or for a quick sweet course after the protein main meal.



3623 But Hark! The heron sitting on his throne has spotted another heron - who has dared to enter into the kingdom of the lagoon. He must be dealt with!



3634 A suitable display of wingspan should be enough of a dominance display to cause the intruder to leave the premises.



3636 When it fails to evict the intruder, the show of dominance is escalated.



3638 Just then the trickster Raven does a provocatively low fly by - interrupting the heron's dominance display. This is a subtle reminder that he is the smartest in the lagoon and all the other herons merely hoi polloi.



3642 Nevertheless, the intruder heron decides that this town is not big enough for the two of them, and exits to seek a more welcoming spot with which to grace his presence.



3644 You'd think the remaining heron could be enjoy some peace now - the rival heron has left and the raven is nowhere to be seen. But...



3728 The prince of the lagoon has entered in search of a decent lunch - and has spotted a promising set of dead salmon remains.



3722 The juvenile eagle tugs first on the tail in an effort to tear a chunk off the salmon that he can carry away to eat in peace. (He knows he may be bothered if he stays to eat it here in the open)



3798 Failing to pull of a chunk, instead he drags the fish to the edge of the water, and starts to eat it right there.



3990 Meanwhile, the raven is hungry too for some salmon. He hatches a plan... While the eagle has his head down tearing at the salmon, and his tail is raised and vulnerable - the raven sneaks up and pecks him - right where the eagle least expects it and the sun don't shine. The plan is for the eagle to panic and abandon the salmon, but instead the eagle turns on the raven in fury and sends him packing.



4020 The eagle has had his dignity wounded, and his adrenaline is running. He doesn't feel like eating right now... so he leaves the salmon left-overs in the water and instead calms down by cleaning his beak - by chewing on a twig.



4285 Peace has returned to the lagoon, and the heron is left to bask in his own reflection.

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