There I was... sitting at my computer in my "office" at home and minding my own business, when through the window right in front of me I detected a presence.....

Mrs Bambi had come to call and see if there was any vegetation in my garden that might please her palate.

In fact she had brought one of her youngsters along to teach him the fine art of foraging.

After a moment, it appeared in fact she had kindly brought both the twins with her, so that they could both enjoy the fruits of my gardening.

She politely introduced me to one of the twins...

...while she had the other twin pose for a formal full-length portrait.

I went to the front-door to get a better picture, but she opted to maintain her distance and moved further away to the driveway

She didn't like the glass eye of the camera staring at her and decided that discretion was the better part of valor. She broke into a run and lit out for the hills.

This picture was taken about a year later when I found her relaxing in our paddock of an evening.