Welcome To The Bayview Club

(Former employees of CDC located at the "SVLOPS" facility)

What is (or was) The Bayview Club?

Aerial view - The facility at 215 Moffett Park Drive

A Peek Inside the facility at 215 Moffett Park Drive

The earlier facility at 3145 Porter Drive

Aerial view - A machine room with a 6600

A word from the Company President Bill Norris

A word from Seymour Cray about Chippewa Labs

Progression of Megaflop rates of Control Data machines over the years

Evolution of Circuit Modules

A look at the Central Memory of a CDC 6000

Macro/Micro A More Detailed Look at a single plane of core memory

A look at the Disk Drive of a CDC 6000 (Model 6603)

A look at the Deadstart Panel of a later derivative of the CDC 6000 (Cyber 830)

Comparisons - What 30 years hath wrought

Some Early History - 1965 Trip Report - visit to Control Data Corporation

Early Bayview Club Athletes - 1968 Suicide Squad

Another site - with some interesting documents about CDC equipment

Newspaper article featuring Fred Laccabue from Control Data What Is Programming?

Software Procedures to be followed to avoid chaos PSR's and RSM's

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