Big Cats - Show and Tell

Once a year we are treated to a fund raising dinner put on by the folks at The Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund formerly known as Leopards Etcetera.

Each year I take my camera and try to capture some images with only room lighting - using a flash with cat's eyes staring at you just results in a serious case of red-eye and I'm sure the cats don't appreciate it.


Juvenile Bob-Cat - a member of the Lynx family, this one is still a kitten, but will tear your arm to shreds given the chance.


I tawt I taw a Puddy Tat...


Being accustomized to working as an ambassador cat with Rob Dicely


Adult Bob-Cat


Check out those rear legs!


Butter would melt in his mouth - so sweet - just try to stroke him.....


Keeping a beady eye on the audience - in case there's any food or likely prey out there...


Posing for all the fans


I'm so mad - I could spit! This is a different kind of cat, a Serval from Africa and much more inclined to "Type A" behaviour - didn't sit still for a moment.


Keeping an eye out for birds overhead - the Serval is an amazing jumper, he can leap 12 feet into the air and knock birds out of the sky as they fly by


Five week old Serval kitten (just caught the feather)


Five week old Serval kitten


Caracal (also known as Desert Lynx)


Caracal (pleading innocent M'lud)


Canadian Lynx


Canadian Lynx