Playing Hooky on The Charleete II


After nearly a solid month of rain-soaked days, the forecast called for a sunshine break right in the middle of the week when good citizens are supposed to be working their daily grind.

But 22 days of rain will cause some folks to suffer from cabin fever - so nothing for it but to play hooky - call off the appointments, make an excuse, whatever it takes.

The Captain of The Good Ship Charleete II had issued an an invitation - a cruise around the Bay wherever the winds would take us - and the rest is history - captured in the following images which may give some flavor of that magical day, but really can't come close to the real experience.

(March 2011)



9427   Setting out from Alameda Island, approaching San Francisco



9435   Under the Bay Bridge



9439   San Francisco skyline - all those people cooped up in office cubicles under fluorescent lights. And we're out here in the warm spring-time sun with the breeze in our hair. Time to savor the moment!



9442   The Ferry Building



9451   Coit Tower



9466   Alcatraz from an unfamiliar viewpoint - looking from Tiburon toward the Bay Bridge



9468   The City as seen from Tiburon



9484   Golden Gate



9489   Crew members at the anchor hatch - preparing to drop anchor for lunch.



9490   The Captain is well pleased.



9493   After lunch, the crew have earned a siesta on the front lawn



9495   Lunchtime view over the stern.



9507   After lunch, time to hoist the sails again



9511   View of Golden Gate from the Captains seat.



9532   We pass under the new Bay Bridge - under construction



9533   New and Old side-by-side



9536   View from under the bridges, looking toward Oakland



9543   The new bridge under construction behind the old one.



9548   As we head for home, the sun sinks in the west below the city skyline



9560   Captain at the throttles as we maneuver alongside the dock, ready to make fast.



9566   Charleete II is tucked up for the night.