At Home in Los Altos Hills


Here are some pictures in and around "Us Huus" that can give you some impression of what it is like where we live.


9744 As you come into our driveway off the main road, this is what you see. The house is behind the trees to the right of where my pickup truck is parked. On the right is a paddock where we used to keep our two horses (a long time ago) it is green now because it is winter, In summer it is yellow dry grass.


9745 As you get to the end of the driveway, you see the house. Behind the red bush and inside a roof overhang is the front door into the house with Nancy's office to the right (2 narrow windows) and beyond that a bathroom (small window hidden by Birch tree) and then Jitze's office and then two more bedrooms at the end of the house. Inside the front door is the living room and to the left is the family room.


9743 View from the other side of the house (The big window/sliding-glass-door opens into the dining room area.) To the left is a flag-stone patio which the kitchen looks out on to.


9523 With Butch and Morgan in front of the fireplace - Morgan took over this chair as "her" chair after the leather tore and we put it to one side and replaced it with another chair. It is now clearly hers and hers alone.


9539 Jane and Jennifer


9731 This used to be daughter's bedroom, but since he retired, this is Jitze's office with desk and workbench. The bed is there for the occasional guest if needed.


9732 Looking across the kitchen - the TV in the living room can be seen through the door.


9733 The livingroom - Ma and Pa's chairs opposite the TV with Morgan's chair on the right in front of the fireplace.


9734 Jitze in his chair - the door to the right (behind the Frisian clock) leads into the family room and at the left edge of the picture is the front door.


9737 The dining room area - the door to the kitchen on the right and living room to the left


9738 Nancy's office with computer and piano. This is sort of a separate room but it has only 3 walls and no door - so it is open also off the living room (like the dining room area)


9740 The family room - we don't use this much, but it is used as a guest room when people come to stay as we can turn the couch (out of the picture on the left) into a double bed.


9741 Looking into the kitchen from the door to the living room. Beyond the kitchen is the breakfast table, and beyond that is the door to the laundry room where the washer and dryer are. All the way in back and to the right is the door to the main bedroom.


9747 Morgan (Doberman) and Butch Cassidy (Yellow Labrador) asking to be let in via the sliding glass door off the dining room


2977 This is Butch Cassidy - he came to us as a fully trained assistance dog, but he failed his final exam so we got to adopt him. He failed the exam because he is "prey driven" - if he sees a squirrel he will go after it, pulling over anybody who happens to be holding his leash - which is how Nancy broke her hip.


9753 Morgan - looks like a doberman, but was a "rescue" dog so we don't really know. He was found on the road and had been hit by a car - had a broken leg.