Death Valley Impressions

If you avoid the harshness of the light when the sun is overhead near its zenith, but instead look for pictures when the sun is fairly low in the sky (on the way up before noon or already on the way down after noon) then the more subtle colors hiding within the geology of the mountains and the valley floor can be captured by the camera.

Each of the pictures on this page were selected more for the palette of colors they bring out, rather than the landscape scenery. Some of them still enjoyed the softer light as filtered by the storm clouds, others were taken when the effect of the sun's angle on the polarizing filter enabled the latter to work its magic to cut through the sun's brilliance overload.

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The Afternoon
Color Palette


The Afternoon Color Palette


Gold and yellow desert floor with grey and purple mountains, the latter with just a hint of lighter-colored horizontal striations.


Light and darker yellows blending into ochre tinged with orange.


As before - ight and darker yellows blending into ochre tinged with orange - but now capped with blood-red layers above.


Yellow and ochre in the middle, deep purple on the ridge, and steel-blue granite rocks in the foreground.


Add a little desiccated vegetation to the mix of colors


Gray, ochre, orange and red on a corrugated hillside.


Shift from the warmer end of the spectrum to the colder end with steel-blue, light grey and aqua


An orchestra with shades of green, yellow, blue and purple.


The Afternoon
Color Palette