An Extended Family Of Deer in Los Altos Hills
Sunday Afternoon in an Apricot Orchard

It is mid-June and the peak of the apricot season - what better time for an extended family of deer to spend a lazy week-end afternoon hanging out in an apricot orchard?

The orchard is fenced, but deer don't pay no-never-mind to fences, in fact they prefer it that way, because it keeps Coyotes and Paparazzi and other riff-raff out which might otherwise disturb the picnic.

Glossary of Terms
Buck A Daddy Deer
Doe A Mommy Deer
Fawn A Baby Deer
Apricot An orangey-yellow fruit that is candy for deer
Apricot Orchard A whole candy store for deer
Fenced Apricot Orchard Heaven on Earth for deer
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - The Daddy
Chapter 2 - The Mommy and Baby
Chapter 3 - The Rest of The Family