Following are a number of "albums" covering a trip made to Europe (Netherlands and Germany) in May 2008.

I have divided the collection of photo images from the whole trip somewhat arbitarily into these "albums" purely for ease of viewing and understanding - otherwise the sheer number of pictures would be too overwhelming. The pictures are not strictly chronological but have been re-arranged a little bit to make life easier.

To access a given album, click on the approprite blue link below. The albums are:

  • Oosterzee covering our first night in Amersfoort and our trip the next day to meet my cousin Jitze and his family in Friesland.

  • Germany covering our trip to Luneberg and our visits to Berlin and Hamburg with our hosts.

  • Lochem covering our trip to Lochem where we visited my cousin Jan and his wife Leni as well as a side trip to visit another cousin, Hieke and her husband Roel.

  • Roots A return to a particualr spot in Friesland to explore the land of my roots - in which we meet a distant relative Saakje, and with her we explore the villages of Eestrum and Oostermeer as well as the open-air museum in Harkema.

  • Friesland - a wider look. Subsequently we widen our exploration of Friesland, with our guides cousin Jitze and wife Joltje.

  • The Hague. We make a sentimental journey back to The Hague (where we lived, met, and married some 40 years ago) to re-visit some of the old spots

  • Amsterdam. In which we play a very brief visit to the capital city - to fill in the last day when we have no car and are checked in to a hotel near the airport.