Flight to MBA

Somwhere along the coast of California is a small dirt strip - associated with an industrial-strength laundry which is associated with an academic institution, nestled within the fields of a world-renowned agricultural area.

9796   On final approach to landing on the dirt strip. The runway ends at a cliff top with beyond it the Pacific Ocean. The purple on the right is artichokes, the white on the left are some kind of lily. Bird traffic at 11 o'clock just above us.

9798   After landing on the dirt runway (with plenty of room to spare) we taxi onto the concrete apron and park.

9800   After our visit, we have to taxi back the length of the runway to position for take-off into the wind and towards the ocean.

9802   Taxiing back, we are paasing through field of artichokes (in purple, seen here) and lilies (on the other side of the aircraft)

9803   Rotate and lift-off with plenty of room to spare - here our host can be seen waving goodbye next to the windsock.

9806   Just a few seconds later and we are over the cliffs with the coastline going up towards Santa Cruz.

9807   Heading home