Somewhere, a small tropical island with beaches and coconut palms...

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, Captian Cook came across a group of islands which he named "The Sandwich Islands".

One of these islands is named Molokai - it is fairly small, being about 40 miles long from east to west, and 10 miles wide north to south, and with a population of around 7000.

The main town, Kuonakakai, is near the center of the south coast, There is a smallish supermarket and a smaller old-fashioned grocery store. There are two gas stations, and no traffic lights anywhere.

These pages are a photographic account of a few idyllic days spent exploring the island.



The intrepid photographer ventures into the
Pacific Ocean to test the waters.

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Churches of
Some churches are featured for their unique architecture and coloring
Trees and Flowers, a staggering abundance of tropical color
Random Images taken while exploring the island
Further Island
Further Random Images taken hither and yon