Netherlands Re-Visited

I spent some months in the Netherlands on vacation as a young lad, and later some years working there. Here follows a brief set of photographs and accompanying impressions collected on a recent return trip, where I had a chance to re-visit and compare impressions that were initialy formed over half a century ago.

Some things have changed, and a lot is still the same. But this was an opportunity to be struck afresh by what is different - different through the eyes of one who has been away a long time and who is now at home in a different culture and a different place.

But I didn't want to spoil the trip by lugging my"good" camera and lenses around (in which case the photography gets to take over the raison d'etre of the trip - which was for personal enjoyment) so instead I relied this time on a pocket-sized point-and-shoot. As a result, I took a huge number of photos on this trip - enough to bore even the most rabid fan. What I have done here is severely cull this collection to just a few photos - chosen for their "interestingness" rather than artistic quality.

"Interesting" in this case means only that either it struck me that way for some reason, or was otherwise worthy of commenting on to the friends and colleagues who might see these pages.

So with that brief introduction...

  1. Page 1 Stereotypes of Holland - Cheese, Windmills, Bicycles, and Wooden Shoes

  2. Page 2 Food

  3. Page 3 Buildings

  4. Page 4 Odd pictures that don't fit in with anything else