A Collection of Aerial Views of The Bay Wetlands


The following is a collection of pictures I have taken over a period of time with different qualities of digital cameras - the images improved as technology improved. They area all taken in and around the southern portion of The San Francisco Bay.


(1)   Old and New Dumbarton Bridges looking toward East Bay

(2)   Over East Bay (Leslie Salt) returning to Palo Alto - Dumbarton Bridge just visible

(3)   Leslie Salt works - different colors of ponds with different stages of evaporation - note salt piles

(4)   The green section is Bayfront Park opposite Menlo Park - so this is winter and high tide

(5)   Approximately same view but in summer (park is yellow) and low tide

(6)   Just off-shore Palo Alto looking south toward snow-covered Mt Hamilton

(7)   Over Hayward looking toward San Jose

(8)  Not sure exactly where this is - I think East Bay looking north

(9)  Over Leslie Salt looking toward South Bay

(10)  Over Leslie Salt looking toward Dumbarton Bridge

(11)   Byxbee Park in Palo Alto (former landfill dump site)

(12)   Over the East Bay - Dusk return to Palo Alto - Dumbarton Bridge in sight

(13)   Opposite Menlo Park / Redwood City looking north (I *think*)

(14)   Cooley Landing in East Palo Alto - Historic dump site - was toxic - now reclaimed as park

(15)   Not sure where

(16)   Palo Alto Baylands with duck pond and airport

(17)  Leslie Salt harvesting ponds

(18)  Over Hayward looking south, can just make out Leslie Salt factory surrounded by evaporation ponds

(19)   Directly over Leslie Salt looking north, Coyote Hills Regional Park in background

(20)  Looking toward East Bay with Leslie Salt works visible

(21)  Looking toward Redwood Shores with San Mateo Bridge in the distance

(22)  Looking towards East Bay over Dumbarton Bridge - those little islands deliberately shaped/arranged to encourage bird life

(23)  Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park on former bayland...

(24)   Directly above Dumbarton Bridge looking toward south bay

(25)  Directly above Dumbarton Bridge looking toward south bay as before, but closer to East Bay end of bridge and Leslie evaporation ponds

(26)  Piles of harvested salt at Leslie plant

(27)  Evaporation Ponds next to Leslie Salt plant

(28)  Piles of harvested salt at Leslie plant

(29) A slough providing a path for watershed run-off,that separates still wet evaporation pond (red) from dried pond (white) ready for salt harvest

(30)  Looking straight down, green is bay water, red is evaporation pond and white is salt

(31)   Slough channels of concentrated brackish brine temporarily flooded at high tide with relatively less salty water

(32)  Over the ghost town of Drawbridge looking to South/East Bay Hills - some buildings still standing near bottom of picture next to railway line coming from Alviso

(33)  Ghost town of Drawbridge

(34)  Opposite Menlo Park looking north up 101, Bayfront park on right.

(35)  Somewhere over the Bay wetlands


Interesting result after this web-page was first created and made public, emails were received requesting permission to use a few of these images...
  • Pics #2 #7 #12 as inspiration for the design of stained glass windows in a Cathedral in France
  • Pics #29 and #30 as base for acrylic painted murals on Medical Building in Indiana
Permission granted...