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My mother Nelly got married to my father "by proxy" as was the custom in those days - as it was deemed "not proper" for an unmarried girl to take a ship out to some far corner of the earth to join her husband. Thus the official ceremony took place with in The Hague with my Dad's brother-in-law (Wim Moeselaar) acting as the stand-in proxy while my Dad was somewhere in the bush in Uganda.

See further down this page for partial key to the people in this picture

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Key to some of the people in this picture:

  1. Mother of the groom
  2. Father of the groom
  3. Mother of the bride
  4. Father of the bride
  5. Bride
  6. Stand-in groom (Wim Moeselaar - Groom's bother-in-law)
  7. Bride's brother (Harry Kuyters)