Couperus Becomes Famous Author!


The name "Couperus" is famous in literary circles, and generaly refers to a distant (and dead) relative named Louis - more famous in Holland perhaps than in the English-speaking world.

I carry the same last name, and I too have published some books in my own little way - these are not literary but more photographic. And the number of copies actualy printed and sold is very modest. Actualy, there are only two books, and they are both available as a "print on demand" via the web. In simple terms - you can go look at the book on the web, and order a copy if you want, using a credit card or PayPal, - whereupon a copy will be printed for you and shipped to your address.

Both books consist almost entirely of aerial photographs, there isn't much writing in them beyond the captions to the photographs - and not even all of the photographs have captions. Both of them are big books (coffee-table size, 13 by 11 inches, 33 by 28 cm) and printed on's premium archive-quality photo paper rather than their default paper (which is pretty good also, but this is better for serious photo work with deeper blacks and no "bleed through".) This make them a few dollars more expensive but well worth it for a "photo book".

The first of these books is described further on this page - the pictures selected for this book were chosen for their broader interest to a general public - these are the more spectacular ones that can be appreciated by the widest audience.

The second book is perhaps narrower in interest, and would be appreciated by fellow pilots who have flown and are familiar with the terrain described - Northern California, the Peninsula, and Silicon Valley. This book is described on a separate page, click Here - for details on the second book.

But the first book is probably the most interesting one, and is described immediately below:



There are 117 photographs spread over 112 pages in this first book, and the contents looks like this



It is a book of aerial photographs and as you can see, the photographs cover the Northern California coastline, the city of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, the spectacular colors of the salt ponds in the South Bay, and finally the Sierra Nevada. The latter includes shots of Yosemite Valley (including Half Dome, El Capitan and Yosemite Falls from the air) as well as both Lake Tahoe and Mono Lake and its environs.

You can "Preview" and leaf through the book interactively over the internet by clicking here.

This will take you to the website of the outfit where the book can be ordered. To preview the book, just click on the blue "Preview" tab on the cover of the book as it is shown there. There is also a button just below and right of the book to be able to view it in a larger size.

There are options on that page if you want to order a copy (what type of cover you want, hard cover with image printed directly on the hard cover, or hard cover with a separate dust jacket). The cost is listed as either $99 or $103 depending on this option, but then they add tax and shipping so expect to pay closer to $115 depending on shipping costs. (I don't make any money out of it, so don't order a copy because you feel you ought to!)

It's just that a lot of people have been bugging me for a long time to do something like this, and now I've gone and been and done it...