Family History - Bits and Pieces


Over time, little bits and pieces of family history got written down in response to requests from various quarters.

They have been collected here in a general grab-bag of stuff, and can be viewed via the following links:

Following are a few "chapters" I put together about how my Father came to end up in East Africa in the 1920's, how he then happened to marry my Mother even though they were separated bt 1000's of miles, and the subsequent arrival of my sister, the second world war, and me...
  • Early Life Leaving school at minimum legal age, goes to the big city to find a job

  • First Expedition Sent to explore Central Africa in search of King Solomon's Mines

  • Second Expedition A Business Enterprise is set up in Uganda

  • Marriage A close encounter with a Lion triggers formal engagement followed by marriage

  • War World War II breaks out, and me and my sister arrive