Los Altos Hills Fun Run 2016


On Saturday May 7th 2016, the annual Los Altos Hills Fun Run was held - some images are presented below, courtesy of photographer Alice Sakamoto.



        P1150751 The venue for the event is centered on Westwind Barn - the Start and Finish lines are next to the parking lot to the right of the main barn.



        P1150557 The Parking Lot itself is a tent village with registration packets arrayed in boxes and sponsor booths



        P1150560 Prospective runners look at the map where sponsors' logos are also displayed



       4971 Time to assemble at the starting gate



       5047 There were actualy three separate events - the 5K and the 10K and a one-mile walk/run, as well as a special class headed up by our fearless Mayor.



       4974 The competitors get restless as the count-down begins...



       4976 Hizzoner the Burgomaster is on hand to lead the more sensible citizens in a civilized and gentlemanly perambulation of the course



       4982 And The Thundering Herd is off...






       4992 Silicon Valley Fashion can be quite eclectic for the athletic.



       4994 And this being Silicon Valley, the young news reporters are on hand with their modern mobile recording platform






       5013 One of the first runners to return is sighted coming over the hill
























       5003 The loneliness of the long-distance runner



       5007 The 10K route is in that direction...



       5014 The Oak Trees at the top of the hill are the location for the CERT Command Center - these volunteers (in yellow jackets) are ready to handle any "situations" that might occur






       5023 The Mayor's wife (CERT member in yellow jacket) waits at the top of the hill for a first glimpse of her husband coming up the hill - so she can relax...






       5027 It takes all kinds - young 'uns, old 'uns, dogs, CERT volunteers .... the rain has thankfully held off during the event, but the little wisps of mist are coming over the Coastal Range












        P1150762 After running up hills and down into valleys, the highest altitude is reached at the summit of this hill, where the CERT Command Post has been set up, and volunteers and runners alike can enjoy a spectacular view over San Francisco Bay.



       5028 The CERT Command Post is prepared for radio communication with the relevant medical and rescue authorities should the need arise.



        P1150794 Some of our local Firefighters are there as well - available for any assistance if needed.



       5029 The Mayor is sighted cresting the final hill



       5037 The Mayor appears to be in fine shape despite his exertions...



       5041 Back at the finish line, contestants and their supporters gather to admire medals....



       5043     ...and pictures



       5045 Replenishing fluids and energy-packed nutrition are available at the Finish Line - as well as some characters who apparently escaped from Disney World.



       5046 You're never too old to learn...



        P1150851     "Awwwwright! I made it!"     The mayor is on hand to greet a happy runner a few yards before the finish line.



       5048 The rear-guard stragglers descending the last hill before coming back up the final climb to the finish line.


Blessedly the rain held off until the Fun Run was over, and the medals and trophies had all been handed out. All that remained was to pack up the tents and equipment, tidy the place up, and look forward to next year - same time, same place.