Byrne Preserve Happenings
So after some weeks of unusualy heavy rain, the sun is shining on a perfect afternoon in the preserve. The grass is green and lush, and the "usual suspects" are munching quietly on the hillside....


3654 .. A quiet afternoon at the top of Byrne Preserve.


3637 The members of the "Older Gang" are grazing peacefully - and unaware that a gang of three younger punks is out of sight just over the hill and getting ready to disrespect their seniors...


3640 The young punks approach, and the lead horse (Reno the mustang) shifts from a gentle lope into a gallop..


3641 ..The three young punks (top of picture) thunder past their elders - catch me if you can!


3643 ..The whole gang sets off in pursuit of Reno - who maintained a full gallop and is already out of the picture


3646 ..Heading for home


3651 .. After a brief run, it is time to for blankets as the sun is setting on what promises to be a chilly night.


3652 The seniors may get disrespected by the young punks - but they get the blankets!..


3659 .. And the orange glow of a setting sun starts to tinge the skies over Byrne Preserve