Who Are These People?


These eight pictures are just a representative sample of the wider collection of family pictures that can be found elsewhere on these web-pages. But for quick easy reference, these few are briefly described below with links to their full-size images.

A   I can't be sure, but by process of elimination, I think these are grandparents of my mother. I don't know their names or even whether they are on her mother or her father's side. (Enlarge)

B   Again I'm not really sure, but I think this is my mother's mother. The picture was taken before my mother was born (1910) and the little boy is her eldest brother. (Harry Kuyters) (Enlarge)

C   This is my grandmother on my father's side - Hylkje van der Meulen. (Enlarge)

D   These are my grandparents on my father's side - Jitse and Hylkje Couperus. He was born 1868, married 1893, died 1939. (Enlarge)

E   Again my grandparents on my father's side - Jitse and Hylkje Couperus, after his retirement as a "veldwachter". (Enlarge)

F   My father, Epeus Gerardus Couperus, as a young man in Friesland, probably around the time he left home to seek his fortune. (Enlarge)

G   My father again, now somewhere in Central Africa (Western Uganda probably, near Mbarara or Kabale and the Mountains of The Moon) That is a Vervet monkey on his shoulder that he named Nellie (after my mother to whom he was engaged at the time.) (Enlarge)

H   This is me as a young soldier. I am wearing the uniform of The Kenya Regiment, pending re-assignment to the 4th Battallion The King's African Rifles. (Enlarge)