Old Family Photos - Some Descendents of Jitze and Hieke


I recently received some scans of old family pictures from Hieke via her daughter Afke. So I decided to put them on a page with a few others of which I had originals but which I could re-scan with a proper scanner, rather than relying on a digital photo of a paper photo as I had done before. So what yopu see below is a mixture of these recently acquired photos and some I had before.

Because the names Jitze, Hieke, and Afke come up a few times across generations, it helps to first see a diagram of who's who.


(1)   Jitze (1868-1939) and Hieke(1868-1940) - had 6 children, one of whom died in infancy. (Hieke's official name as registered on her birth certificate and noted on other government documents was actualy Hylkje.)

(2)  Hieke (Daughter of Afke) with grandmother Hieke

(3)  Hieke (Daughter of Afke) with grandfather Jitze

(4)  Baby Hieke, with her mother Afke

(5)  This is Hieke - daughter of Afke

(6)  Again Hieke - daughter of Afke

(7)  Leffert, Hieke, and Jitze Oosterloo

(8)   Back row - Afke and Lutske
Front row- Hieke (Daughter of Afke), Wiebe, Leffert, Hieke (Daughter of Wiebe)

(9)  This is Pé (Somewhere in Africa judging by the vegetation)

(10)  Wiebe - I don't think he actualy played the violin - this was just a photographer's prop.

(11)  Three Hiekes - Daughter of Afke, Daughter of Wiebe, and their Grandmother

(12)   Back Row - Grandfather Jitze, Afke, Lutske and Wiebe
In the front - The three Hiekes: Daughter of Afke, Daughter of Wiebe, and their Grandmother

(13)  The two Grandparents with Daughter Aaltje and Grandchildren Hanneke and Jan

(14)  Grandmother Hieke between her two Grandchildren Hanneke and Jan, and their Mother Aaltje

(15)  Wim Moeselaar standing in as proxy for Pé (who was in Africa) at the wedding of Pé and Nel

(16)  Pé and Nel

(17)  Pé with children Jitze and Wil. (This picture was taken on 8 May 1945 - VE day - specifically to be able to send to family in Holland who had never seen the children.)

(18)  Jitze (son of Pé) somewhere in Uganda.

(19)  Jitze (son of Pé) and his sister Wil

(20)  Jitze (son of Pé) in the uniform of The Kenya Regiment just before transfer to The King's African Rifles