A Trip to The Netherlands in May 2011

Daughter Jane and I spent some weeks in Holland in May 2011. The trip was originally triggered by an invitation to Jane from friends to join them for a weeks sailing in Friesland, and I went along too.

I left a few days before Jane to give me time to overcome my jet lag and pay a nostalgic visit to The Hague where I wanted to just wander around for a bit and visit some old spots and take some photographs.

After a week in Friesland while Jane was sailing and I got to visit other spots, we used up the final days to visit other family members in Lochem and Ruurlo, as well as do some exploring together of where our roots lie and where my folks once lived in Heerde.

I took many photographs during the trip - I have divided them up into a couple of separate album pages to make them easier to navigate over.

Some of the pictures may not necessarily be "good photographs" - but I include them because I like them, or because of the memories and associations they bring with them

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A Return to the The Hague
A Brief Visit to Delft
Touring Friesland
Jane Goes Sailing
Visiting Family in Oosterzee
Visiting Family and Friends in Lochem, Ruurlo, Leeuwarden, and Heerde