Los Altos Hills Pathways Run 2015


Early on a Saturday morning (at least - too early for your intrepid correspondent) the Los Altos Hills Pathway Run event took place. This included a 5K race, a 10K race, and a one-mile run. Children, Grandparents, and ordinary walkers as well as the athletic set were all encouraged to participate. Dogs were encouraged too, but they had to be on a leash.

So as the morning mist from the Pacific Ocean turned into high overcast and before the sun broke through with its heat (ideal weather for the purpose) some hundreds of joggers - ranging from serious athletes to "anything for a laugh" family groupings, set out across hill and dale to test their mettle against the clock.and hillside.



  9884      All races start at Westwind Barn, The 10K race heads west on Altomont, south on Page Mill, turns east on Central Drive down to Moody Road and so eventualy back up the hill via Chaparral Way to to Deer Springs Way, then down dale and up hill once more to the finish line at Westwind Barn.



        9802 The crowd mingles as the clock ticks down in anticipation of the official start



        9875 The Trophies for the different age classes in each distance await the winners...



  9809      Councilman Rich Larsen is the official starter - here he brings the assembled runners to the ready state, while Chief Organiser Scott Vanderlip (with microphone) makes haste to get out of the way...



        9815 And they're off...



        9824 The stampede of serious runners is out in front...



        9832 ... followed by the hordes of lesser mortals



        9838 Light blue is the Spring Fashion Color in 2015



  9843       Chief organiser and co-conspirator Scott Vanderlip demonstrates Ballet Form in instructing the course marshalls on the route to be taken to the Finish Line.



        9847 The runners are spread out along Altamont Road



        9849 The leaders have rounded the first dog-leg...



        9853 ... to be followed soon by the rest



        9913 The leading runners tend to come in to the finish line individualy with some seaparation between them



        9920 Later, tighter groupings appear



        9867 The joy as the finish line comes into sight



        9873 Both present and former Town Staff members were among the participants









        9956 Heartbreak hill is taking its toll - especially on the 10K racers for whom this is the second significant hill on the course



        9966 But there is joy with the finish line in sight.



        9967 Well-trained dogs give their owners an assist up the hill.



        9969 And over the next 45 minutes or so, more runners come in



        9887 A supply of healthy nourishment awaited returning competitors



        9890 A word from our sponsors...



        9914 Race officials at the finish line clocking the incoming runners



        9923 The medal distribution team standing by to award medals as runners complete the course



        9925 The younger generation shows how to finish in style



        9926 The younger they are, the more they seem to put on a blistering final spurt of speed



        9929 The agony and the ecstacy of finishing at speed












        9995 In the parking lot are a couple of massage booths, free fruit and coffee cake, and related tents offering stuff



        9998 The trophies are about to be awarded...















        0021 The 1st place winner in a "Senior" class displays her winnings



        0022 Family groups assemble to take pictures to remember the event



        9989 Race founder, organizer, and Chief Pooh-Bah Scott Vanderlip poses with a fan



        9997 The Sheriff was in attendance to ensure no speed laws were broken



  0024       And in the background, our local First Responders are parked and ready for any emergency. In addition to the usual "Rescue" type of Fire Engine, they have brought out the "Type 3" (above). This is a lighter and high-clearance all-wheel-drive rig designed to be able to traverse rough terrain to fight wildland fires and/or bring medical help away from main roads. It carries extensive medical equipment and the crew are all either EMT or Paramedic trained in addition to their more visible attributes of being firefighters,