Reno - With a youngster riding him for the first time


So the time has come to have Reno join the other horses in a session, with a leader and two sidewalkers, but this time "for real" with a youngster in the saddle who has volunteered to be the "Test Pilot".

These pictures were taken during the session, and Reno was of course the focus of attention, so most of the pictures on this page happen to feature him, but there are some other shots as well to give the flavor of the afternoon.


 0412 First traversal of the arena for Reno. (Sitting ontop of the fence directly behind him we can see a toy animal perched ready to be retrieved in an
exercise-game later on)


 0414 This is Tango


 0415 This is Libby


 0416 Reno in the line-up


 0417 This is Oreo (the same color as that of the cookie of the same name)


 0418 The full line-up


 0420 Reno is quietly telling the photographer ... "You see! I told you I could do it just fine!"


 0426 Reno just looking good...




 0430 There's pole in front of me with an inverted plastic cup on it - what's that for?


 0432 The next pair is ready to go...


 0438 Hard to starboard Captain!


 0439 Turning into the home stretch


 0441 Now I know what that plastic cup was all about!


 0442 The face of triumph.


 0445 Playing the game of "Green Light - Red Light"


 0446 The face of confidence


 0452 Libby again


 0453 Sparky the pony


 0454 The parade out of the ring


 0458 Cinders


 0459 Tango again


 0465 Feeling Good!