Reno - Another "real" session with Sue the trainer
- full dress rehearsal before joining the rest of the gang in regular sessions


Next step in getting ready for Reno to actually join the program and become part of the team working with real riders who come with some limitations.

This time we have another real rider, and we're going to go through a whole session while working with leaders and sidewalkers with whom Reno is less familiar - and end up with a totally new "leader" and just one side-walker. A bunch of variables thrown in the mix - all under the watchfull eye of the trainer.

Besides maneuvering around the arena, changing direction and figure-eights, we're also going to navigate through and around some cones - all elements which will be encountered in sessions with the full complement of horses active at the same time in the arena.


  0785 First a walk around the barn with the new rider - just to get acquainted and build trust. (Pleased to meet you...)


  0787 I guess we're ready to start the proceedings


  0790 Reno is led next to the mounting ramp, and the rider is helped on board.


  0791 Check the stirrups for length before we set out


  0794 And we're off!


  0796 A casual walk around the barn to get better acquainted, and a chance to show off to the parents


  0800 Off to the arena - Oh Boy! Adrenalin is flowing...


  0809 The sun is setting as we enter the arena


  0811 Remember to concentrate and pay attention...


  0820 Familiar leader - but two side-walkers that Reno was not very familiar with


  0822 Change of leader so that now all three people helping are less familiar to the horse


  0827 Doing just fine - Thank You Very Much!


  0831 Leader and side-walkers all on one side of the horse


  0835 ...and switch to a completely fresh and unknown leader.


  0846 And on to working around the cones


  0850 Only one side-walker, and the rider is handling the reins to control direction


  0855 Setting course right between the cones


  0857 Man! This is as good as it gets - full control with the rider in command supported by a new and unfamiliar leader and just one side-walker.


  0861 Success Big Time! Rider acknowledges applause from the stands...


  0863 It takes a village...


  0864 Leaving the arena


  0866 Whew! Made it...


  0867 I told you it'd be fine...


  0870 Happy Happy...


  0873 Dad's Little Girl