Reno - Finally graduates to working with the rest of the team in a routine session


Finally Reno gets to actually join the program and become part of the team - working in a completely "routine" session with the full hurly-burly and complement of riders, side-walkers, and leaders.

There's just one minor little "new" twist - We have a new instructor for whom this is her first session. She has experience with the program as a whole, having been a volunteer in all the other capacities - but now she gets to run a real session as the instructor calling the shots.


  0881 At the mounting ramp - Reno prefers the familiarity of the mounting ramp to having the rider climb on board at random places.


  0882 Led away from the ramp, Reno appears at ease with what's going on.


  0884 A brief walk-around just to get in the swing of things and become familiar with the feel of the rider on his back - on the way to the arena.


  0889 At the start of the session, all participants line up for inspection by the instructor who checks aspects such as correct stirrup length, girth tightness,
and chats with the rider to put them at ease.


  0891 Start with warming up and stretching exercises


  0892 Hands on your helmets... and...


  0895 Stretch and touch as far down on your legs as you can


  0899 Abby riding Reno - in command taking over the reins


  0901 Maria riding Oreo


  0910 Sieun riding Sparkie


  0911 Jaideep riding Libby


  0912 Josiah riding Cinders


  0913 And Reno continues to perform beautifully


  0916 Figure Eights and switch direction...


  0930 The instructor surveys all the horses in simultaneous motion and under control


  0933 OK! Line up everybody!


  0936 Instructor calling the shots as each rider competes in a riding exercise


  0941 Finaly the session runs its course, and the individual riders line up at the end to parade out of the arena under the watchfull eye of the instructor


  0946 Katarina the instructor - nothing quite like the feeling of successfully completing one's first solo flight in command.