As the grass grows green again, Reno is reluctant to come in and has to be fetched


So as winter turns into spring and the grass in the preserve is green again, Reno is sometimes reluctant to come in at the end of the day, even though he knows there is a treat waiting for when he is in his stall again. Sometimes just seeing a familiar face is enough to cause him to walk in, other times he will respond to being called from across the valley, but sometimes there is no alternative but to hike out and fetch him - at which time he will happily follow walking behind the person fetching him in preference to being led on a halter.


 5468 Reno is bottom right in this picture, and Alice (carrying a halter just in case) leads the way back towards the barn. The long shadows tell is the sun is setting.


 5472 Coming up the hill, Reno catches sight of this human with a very big glass eye pointed at him


  5473 Distracted by the camera - is it safe to point that thing at me?


  5474 It's probably OK - let's continue...


  5475 On the other hand...


  5476 I wonder if she has a carrot in her pocket?


  5477 Apparently not, but she's carrying a halter.


  5478 Apparently I'm expected to pose.


  5479 OK - go ahead and take my picture


  5480 This is my best side


  5481 OK that's enough - I'll drop my ears just a little bit to show how I feel about this fooling around


  5482 OK - I'll take a bow (and show you the Mustang brand on my neck) before you take me to my stall where an alfalfa treat awaits me.