The Ohlone Presence in Los Altos Hills

As Documented In Some Old News Clippings



In the early days of The Town Los Altos Hills, a number of scrapbooks were assembled by various "town historians". These took the form of "albums" filled with news articles clipped from newspapers that the historians found worthy of preserving for the town's history.

Many years later, the pages of some of these albums were digitised (photographed with a digital camera) forming a collection of some thoudands of digital images. These were then organised, assembled, and indexed into a web-based library of digital albums... While this allowed the reader to randomly browse all the old pages (and where any given page might show multiple cuttings) it was not very helpfull for the researcher who wished to pursue a particular subject.

In some cases, where the results of such a search were thought valuable enough to be preserved for others to enjoy, it was worthwhile duplicating the "interesting" articles that had been found relevant to some particular subject and then assembling them into a mini-album of their own.

Following is an index into such a mini-album with pointers to a number of articles that have to do with the general term "Ohlone". Each entry cites the original "Book Number" and image identifier that contained the original clipping presented here. Click on the red dot opposite the index entry you are interested in to see the clipping referenced.



  Book   Image Date     Description
4 1316A 04/11/1970 - Ohlone Indian Chief Will Talk (Valley Journal)
4 1316B 04/11/1970 - Aid Sought For Historical Dig (Valley Journal)
6 2218 07/14/1971 - Three Indian Skeletons Found By Creek (Town Crier)
6 2221 07/21/1971 - Skeletons Abound At Ohlone Dig Site (Town Crier)
6 2224 07/28/1971 - Picture of Florence Fava with Ohlone Artifacts (Town Crier)
6 2225 08/01/1971 - History Comes Alive In Los Altos (Valley Journal)
6 2251 11/12/1971 - Ohlone Artifacts Covered By Homes (Foothill Sentinel)
6 2255 11/17/1971 - Picture - Ohlone Artifacts Shown At Los Altos Library (Town Crier)
6 2261 11/12/1971 - Local Indians Still Here (Valley Journal)
6 2272 01/12/1972 - Picture - Stone Bench, suspected Ohlone "Medititation Seat" (Town Crier)
6 2280A 02/23/1972 - Historical Status Urged For Dig Site (Town Crier)
6 2280B 02/18/1972 - Historical Burial Site Gets Official Nod (Valley Journal)
3 0585 12/08/1972 - Indian Relics Galore in Los Altos (P.A.Times)
3 0714A 04/18/1973 - Picture - Plaque installed at O'Keefe (Valley Journal)
3 0714B 04/18/1973 - AAUW Presents Memorial Plaque (Town Crier)
7 2748 01/27/1974 - Front Page - Land Of The Ohlone (Town Crier Supplement)



Picture of the two plaques mounted on a rock under the large Pepper Tree at the intersection of O'Keefe and Normandy Lane.