The Couperus Tribe - where are they all now?

While the "Couperus" tribe clearly originated in Friesland, they have been global wanderers and emigrants in the same tradition as their fellow-countrymen.

The current whereabouts of Couperus families in The Netherlands is summarized nicely in the following map derived from

In the rest of the world, we appear to be currently established in

United States of America

Canada New Zealand


Another branch may exist in Austria, but further details are unknown at this time

In the past families were once established (but no longer exist there) in

Number of Couperus individuals (not families) in The Netherlands, according to 1947 census

derived from Nederlands Repertorium van Familienamen:

Groningen 18
Friesland 243
Drenthe 4
Overijssel 12
Gelderland 8
Utrecht 3
Amsterdam 5
Noord-Holland 19
Noord-Holland totaal 24
Den Haag 8
Rotterdam 1
Zuid-Holland 5
Zuid-Holland totaal 14
Zeeland 0
Noord-Brabant 6
Limburg 0
Total 332
Municipalities in Friesland in descending order of requency: (Wonseradeel, Achtkarspelen, Leeuwarden, Bolsward, Sneek).