San Francisco Bay Area
United Flying Octogenarians

On 14 March 2011 they met for lunch at The Hiller Aviation Museum:
  • Former Fighter Pilots
  • Former Bomber Pilots
  • Former Airline Pilots
  • Former Naval Aviators
  • Former Wartime Ferry Pilots
  • Former Civilians who just flew for the love of it
  • ... who flew in WWII
  • ... who flew in Korea
  • ... who flew nukes during the Cold War
  • ... who flew when women didn't do that sort of thing
  • ... who de-planed involuntarily via parachute over Germany in the 1940's
  • ... who offered their services as volunteer ambulance pilots
  • ... who offered their services as volunteer guardians of the environment
  • ... who curcumnavigated the world on a single-engine
  • ... who built their own aeroplanes
  • ... all of whom were still flying after their 80th birthday
  • ... many of whom are still joyfully flying today

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Bob Claypool - The Hosting Member who set it up and arranged it all.