Pictures found in an old box
When my mother died in 2000, among her effects were found some old photographs and documents.

Some of them I recognize and can identify, but others are a bit of a mystery. Here they are...

01img026 02img027 03img036 04img032 08img004
01img026.jpg 02img027.jpg 03img036.jpg 04img032.jpg 08img004.jpg
10img033 15img034 17img037 19img006 20img005
10img033.jpg 15img034.jpg 17img037.jpg 19img006.jpg 20img005.jpg
22img019 25img029 28img031 29img009 30img012
22img019.jpg 25img029.jpg 28img031.jpg 29img009.jpg 30img012.jpg
32img044 33img030 34img020 36img035 37img010
32img044.jpg 33img030.jpg 34img020.jpg 36img035.jpg 37img010.jpg
38img043 42img001 45img017 48img016 50img018
38img043.jpg 42img001.jpg 45img017.jpg 48img016.jpg 50img018.jpg
52img038 54img039 56img045 58img046  
52img038.jpg 54img039.jpg 56img045.jpg 58img046.jpg